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Feature artist, Anne Jillett

Meet Crystalbrook Bailey's feature artist, Anne Jillett

We're delighted to welcome  Anne Jillett to Crystalbrook Bailey as our feature artist. 

Jillett's exhibition, titled 'Washed up' will be on display from Thursday 6 May until Monday 28 June in the lobby. 

Inspiration from the changing nature of beachscapes in the Cairns and Cape York regions has been an enduring theme of Anne Jillett’s creative practice for a number of years.  Debris found on the high tide line, evidence of man’s increasing role in the nature of flotsam and jetsam carried by sea currents, and concern for the fragility of the oceans’ health are explored in this body of work. An established textile artist, Jillett has recently included ceramics to express her fascination with the forces of water and the intractable durability of life in this natural world.

Meet the artist

You're invited to join us for the exhibition opening night and artist talk on Friday 7 May from 6:30-7:30pm. It's free to attend with nibbles and a paid bar available.

Anne Jillett lives and works in the rainforest of Mt Bellenden Ker. Since moving there from Cairns, she has started working full-time in her creative practice which includes contemporary basketry, embroidery, and, over the last twelve months, ceramics. Jillett draws her inspiration from the natural worlds of the ocean, the rainforest, and desert country of Central and Northern Australia. She has exhibited at KickArts (now NorthSite Contemporary Arts) Contemporary Art Gallery, and at Suzanne O’Connell Gallery in New Farm Brisbane. Her works are represented in private and corporate collections.

Other key dates

  • 6 May: Exhibition opens
  • 7 May: Art Exhibition opening and  Artist talk with Anne Jillett at 6:30pm in the lobby at Bailey, RSVP here.
  • 28 June: Exhibition closes

Artwork from the exhibition are available for sale. Customer is responsible for packaging and postage cost.

Proudly sponsored by NorthSite Contemporary Arts.

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