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Art at Crystalbrook Bailey

Crystalbrook Bailey plays host to an ever-evolving ever-changing array of art

At Crystalbrook Bailey, we don’t think art can be neatly defined. Art surrounds us. In everything we see, taste, smell, touch and hear. Crystalbrook Bailey celebrates art of every description – music, dance, food, architecture, painting, sculpture, literature, film…we love it all.

We believe art is for the people. Our goal at Crystalbrook Bailey is to make art accessible, inclusive and empowering. We see art as a powerful tool to break down barriers, provoke constructive thought, encourage empathy and question our own prejudices.

As a Cairns local, Crystalbrook Bailey has a soft spot for arts from the region but also has a true appreciation for arts from across Australia and globally. 

Crystalbrook Bailey has dedicated spaces for art within the public areas. Each of the 12 guest floors is also designed to feature separate artists. Art in these locations is not designed to be permanent but changing based on individual agreements between the hotel and the artist. 

For the right idea, no area within Crystalbrook Bailey is off bounds. 

Crystalbrook Bailey also hosts bi-monthly exhibitions with local and national artists, as well as quarterly art initiatives. These initiatives are diverse in nature and can take the form of anything from an exhibition to evening classes, poetry recitals, paint and sip, dance performances or live graffiti sessions.

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