Mindfully Safe

Daunted by travel in a post-Covid world?

We get it.

At Crystalbrook, we believe in Mindfully Safe stays. This means we have upped the ante on hygiene, as you would expect, but also, that we place an equal emphasis on travel-safe wellbeing for the mind.

Take a look below and we’ll explain:


Wellbeing for the mind 

For many, life and travelling have never been so anxiety-inducing. At Crystalbrook we've partnered with The Indigo Project to zap any holiday apprehension and do some good at the same time. 

The Indigo Project

Stay at any Crystalbrook hotel or resort and dive into the Crystalbrook Mindfully Safe toolkit. Developed in partnership with The Indigo Project, this is a magic box of feel-good, zen-inspiring, meditative goodness, all of which can be accessed from your in-room iPad: 

  • Meditation sessions including 
    • Belly laughter 
    • Rainforest
    • Sleep 
    • Body scan 
  • Spotify playlists to quench anxiety 
  • Sound bath - a sonic experience through your mind 


All guests have access to yoga mats, complimentary yoga classes (Crystalbrook Byron and Crystalbrook Riley), iPad yoga, barre, Pilates and art classes. 

Mindfully Safe - wellbeing for the body

Cashless hotels 

Crystalbrook Collection hotels and resorts are cashless. Why? Here's a few reasons (deep breath): E. coli, Vibrio spp., Salmonella spp., and about 26,000 other bacteria call the average banknote home. 

The Australian Government Department of Health also recommends tap and go instead of cash for hygiene best practice. 

Touch-less, clean-more

Here's what else we're doing: 

Contactless and paperless check-in (via online/app) and check-out. 

Complimentary face masks provided as an option to all guests and staff.

In partnership with industry hygiene leader Diversey in Cairns, True Blue in Sydney and Ecolab in Byron Bay, Crystalbrook has developed an enhanced deep cleaning programme for all high-touch areas including: 

  • Communal areas 
    • Sanitiser stations at all key guest and collaborator entrances and contact areas including driveways, reception desk, hotel lobbies, lift lobbies, bathrooms, pools, gymnasiums and day spas
    • Sanitisation of key cards between use 
  • Rooms (pre-check-in deep cleaning of):
    • iPads, switches, aircon control, lights, lamps, remote controls, handsets 
    • Handles and knobs 
    • Bathroom amenities 
    • Bathroom faucets, controls, splash walls and surfaces 
    • Cutlery, glassware, coffeemaker, kettle and minibar 
    • Hard surfaces including nightstands, desks and tables 
    • Wardrobe items including safe and iron 
  • Restaurants and bars 
    • Cashless payment 
    • Electronic menu alternatives 
    • Automatic sanitisers throughout all restaurants and bars 
    • Socially distanced seating plans 
    • Assisted buffets
  • Event spaces 
    • Social distancing between all guests in meeting and banquet setup arrangements 
    • Automatic sanitisers accessible in all event spaces and zones 
    • Deep cleaning of all high-touch areas 
    • Virtual meeting facilitation 
  • Pool and fitness centres 
    • Social distancing for all cabanas, lounges and fitness equipment 
    • Automatic sanitisers accessible at all pools and fitness centres 
    • Deep cleaning of all high-touch areas between guests 
  • Day spas 
    • Cashless payment 
    • Automatic sanitisers throughout spa 
    • Socially distanced relaxation spaces 
    • Electronic spa menu alternative 
    • Deep cleaning of all high-touch areas