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Hello Sunshine, I'm Crystalbrook Flynn

Fun and energetic, Crystalbrook Flynn is a social butterfly - the natural life of the party. Just steps from the Esplanade boardwalk, feel like you’re at the centre of the action. Prepare to be entertained. Breathe, take the plunge, unwind a while, then do it all again. 

Offers and Events

Drum roll please

Rooms and Suites

For when you've had enough of the limelight

Unwind a While

Take a break, pause for a moment and breathe a little.

Take Me There

Food and Drink

Eat (drink) first, then do everything else

Taste Buds are Calling

Fun, convivial and exciting. Get ready for gourmet food, good vibes and live music.

Take Me There

Spa and Wellness

Go full holiday mode

Ultimate Revival

Stop wondering if it works, it does! You just need to try it.

Visit Eléme Day Spa at Crystalbrook Flynn

Social Feed

Pics or it didn't happen

Event Spaces

Mingle. Relax. Work. Play

Don't crash the party, be the party!

Show off your flair for party planning in one of our three available engaging, social, and vibrant meeting spaces.

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Where's Crystalbrook Flynn?