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Meet Mindfully

Plan an event that feels good and does good

Meet Mindfully is designed to remove the stressors and environmental pressures of conventional corporate meetings, instead facilitating meetings of purpose and value. 

Each Crystalbrook hotel will also stir in its unique personality with proudly local destination experiences, transforming traditional concepts of team-bonding. Highlights include: guided sound healing at Crystalbrook Byron, local gin blending at Crystalbrook Kingsley and beehive workshops at Crystalbrook Riley.

Our goal is to provide you and each of your attendees with spaces, environments and a culture that is eco-progressive, Mindfully Safe and heroes the local environment while also being refreshing, empowering and invigorating.

While every Crystalbrook property shares many similarities, we love to champion each property’s unique personality and this truly comes to life in meetings. When it comes to Meet Mindfully, Crystalbrook Collection has curated a series of team-bonding activities which encapsulate the very best a destination has to offer.

Meet Mindfully provides our delegates with a cleaner, slower and more conscious way to travel (and event).

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Meet Mindfully Activities

Curated for you

Responsible Luxury

Sustainable experiences

We love our planet and we’re passionate about sustainability, or what we call Responsible Luxury.

This ethos extends to Meet Mindfully, where we are always looking for new ways to be eco-progressive. Meet Mindfully provides our delegates with a cleaner, slower and more conscious way to travel and gather.

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Mindfully Safe

Wellbeing for the body and mind

With hygiene and mental health awareness at an all-time high, Crystalbrook has developed the Mindfully Safe programme ensuring all meeting attendees are provided with the highest levels of hygiene along with a toolkit to quench anxiety, open minds and drive productivity.

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We’ve partnered up with The Indigo Project to provide all meeting attendees with free-of-charge meditation and mindfulness tools for a clear mind and productive meetings.

Delegates will also have access to a Power Down Plan, to consciously connect with each other and disconnect from electronics and screens at the end of the day. Because regardless of how tech-heavy your event is or isn’t, we can all agree that time away from our screens and technology is essential.

These tools are accessible to be used in a group environment or individually.

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Unique personality

Unique local moments

While every Crystalbrook hotel and resort shares many similarities (namely modern living through design paired with a fun, light-hearted and engaging attitude), we love championing each property’s unique personality and this truly comes to life in our meetings.

When it comes to Meet Mindfully we curate the very best a destination has to offer in a way that feels special and extraordinary.

What does this mean?

No two Crystalbrook meeting experiences are the same. We listen to what you want, keep an open mind, stir in the resort or hotel’s personality and add a pinch of proudly local. We know our neighbours (and their quirks) and would love to introduce you. We unearth the best of every destination, in ways that add value and meaning to event organisers and attendees.

Fancy a visit to a local gin distillery? Sorted.

Want to learn more about the local aboriginal culture? Not a problem.

Haven’t seen a croc yet? We can sort that.

Sound healing? Clay therapy? Nature trekking? Tick, tick, tick.