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Meet Mindfully in Cairns

Meet Crystalbrook Riley, Crystalbrook Bailey and Crystalbrook Flynn - Tropical North Queensland's newest luxury hotels and resorts located near the Cairns Esplanade. Like siblings, each hotel and resort share many similarities, but each is also unique and maintains its own personality.  If you're looking for luxury accommodation and an unforgettable Cairns conference or event, with adventure and relaxation, Crystalbrook Cairns is the place for you.

Event delegates can live in the moment with Crystalbrook Riley, let their hair down at Crystalbrook Flynn or enjoy a thoughtful, arty hotel experience at Crystalbrook Bailey.

With space for up to 250 in our private conference rooms, 500 people at a welcome event at one of our 8 restaurants and bars or the option of small and more intimate meetings, we have all of your meetings covered, and all on the one bill!

Meet Mindfully is designed to remove the stressors and environmental pressures of conventional corporate meetings, instead facilitating meetings of purpose and value. Meet Mindfully provides delegates with a cleaner, slower, more conscious way to travel and gather for meetings and events.

We offer elevated extras to enhance your next meeting or event. Because gatherings here are one of a kind. Our team can curate a bespoke package that allows your delegates to creatively connect with each other.

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Paint Yourself Tropical 

Learn from Cairns local hero Grace Hopkins, our experienced art curator. and paint yourself a tropical scene in Cairns whilst sipping spritzes from our local Wolf Lane Distillery. Workshop includes easels, paint and cocktails. 
Duration: approximately 90 minutes | from $75 per person 

Tropical Treasure Hunt 

Explore the Cairns Esplanade with this self-guided tropical treasure hunt. Set up a What's App group and send your delegates off as teams or against each to see who can find the clues first.

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Sound Healing 

Using crystal quartz singing bowl and chimes, this ritual is designed to leave your delegates feeling lighter and uplifted every time. The sound frequencies slow down brain waves to a deeply restorative state, which activates the body's system of self-healing. 
Self-guided bowls and instructions in room

Virtual Laughter Yoga Workshop 

Joy is a unifying experience and creates positive changes in the way people feel about each other. In a time of rapid change and high workplace stress, humour is an effective tool to develop staff resilience and maintain a positive outlook. It increases engagement levels and creates a healthy working environment, helping teams to communicate and work better together, and solving problems faster. During this one hour live online session with your facilitator your team will learn that laughter is a strong medicine. 
Min. 10 people | from $80 per person

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Build Your Hive for Sweet Success! 

Learn about the inner workings of a beehive and how the structure and working order is vital to the hive’s success. An educational tour with Cairns Local Hero Graham Thornton for corporate groups to build camaraderie and a renewed focus on teamwork as evidenced by the beehive structure in nature.  Each workshop lasts 4 hours including the learning experience, smelling and tasting a variety of yummy honey and a hands-on activity constructing a native bee house which will be donated to parks, community centres and schools.  
Duration: four hours | min. 20 people max. 50 people | $120 per person 

Cairns Dreamtime 

Venture on a personally guided Dreamtime walk including full dance performance over an Aussie BBQ lunch by the Pamagirri Aboriginal Cultural Performers at Rainforest Station, approximately 20 minutes from Cairns City.  Enjoy a didgeridoo playing and spear-throwing demonstration after lunch and learn how to throw a boomerang and then paint your own personal boomerang to take home with you either in group colours or with a personalised design.  
Duration: four hours | min. 20 people max. 50 people | from $95 per person including transport 

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