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October feature artist

Meet Crystalbrook Bailey's October feature artist, Loan White

We're delighted to welcome Lone White to Crystalbrook Bailey as our October feature artist. 

Lone's exhibition, titled 'Ceramic Rainforest Inspired Forms' will be on display from Thursday Friday 1 October until Sunday 31 October in the lobby. The installation features 35 ceramic sculptures; a collection created over the past 30 years. 

"This exhibition showcases my experimental chrome green glaze, applied in varied ways to my ceramic pieces. It relates to the tropical rainforest floor, portraying the rich colour and mystique of this environment. Due to the loose shapes and intricate forms, I find paper clay to be the most suitable type for these pieces of work. The whole series has been fired in an electric kiln to Orton cone 8,9,or 10" Lone White. 

Every piece on display at the exhibition is available for purchase. 

Like artist Lone White, Crystalbrook Bailey and Crystalbrook Collection love to take our cues from Mother Earth. That's why this October we're celebrating improvements in sustainability (large and small), ignite conversations, shine the spotlight on the changemakers and bring some hope and positivity to what’s been a pretty nasty couple of years, with Crystalbrook Sustainability Month.

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