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Well isn't this a pleasure, I'm Crystalbrook Bailey, your luxury hotel and residences in Cairns

Modern, innovative and with an appreciation for the arts, Crystalbrook Bailey celebrates originality and individuality. Stay at Crystalbrook Bailey, a luxury hotel in Cairns, Queensland, and take time to get lost in the details. To question and explore. Art. Conversations. Places. Do things your way.

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Do things your way

Cairns Hotel Rooms and Residences

Modern, innovative and with a true appreciation for detail

Perfect For "Me" Time

It’s not what you’d expect from the neighbourhood. But that’s just the way we like it. Tap into your inner artist and get lost in the design details of our luxury accommodation in Cairns. Or do things your way in our larger-than-life one, two and three-bedroom residences, perfect for short or long luxury stays in Cairns.

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Food and Drink

Everything we know is everything you taste

Gratify Your Hunger

Trade fast food for fine dining with our eclectic range of Cairns restaurants and bars. Get a taste of the freshest local ingredients and finest beef at CC’s Bar and Grill, and discover Latin-inspired flavours as day turns to night at vibrant Cairns rooftop bar Pachamama. Or explore an ever-changing array of boutique biodynamic wines at our warm and inviting neighbourhood wine bar, Arte.

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Cairns Art

An ever-evolving ever-changing array of art

Art at Crystalbrook Bailey

Art at Crystalbrook Bailey Art surrounds us. In everything we see, taste, smell, touch and hear. Crystalbrook Bailey, the heart of Cairns, celebrates art of every description – music, dance, food, architecture, painting, sculpture, literature, film…we love it all. Discover our dedicated art spaces, with each floor designed to feature different artists from Cairns, the surrounding regions and afar.

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Social Feed

Pics or it didn't happen

Cairns Event Venues

Mingle. Relax. Work. Play

Spark a Little Fun and Creativity

Give your friends and colleagues something to smile about when attending an event in one of our four available meeting spaces. Aria I, II and III can be used solo or combined and come complete with innovative design features and state-of-the-art equipment, perfect for big pitches or corporate events in Cairns. Host a more intimate business meeting or conference in the Archie Boardroom or plan a stylish launch party, company celebration or casual business meeting at vibrant rooftop bar, Pachamama.

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