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Negroni Month

A Romberg’s celebration of the iconic Negroni

19 September – 28 October

Join us at Romberg’s for Negroni Month, a celebration of one of the world's most loved cocktails. From September 19 to October 28 we'll be offering a specialty Negroni menu, featuring a variety of unique and delicious variations on the classic drink.

Revered by bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs, the Negroni is a sophisticated aperitif that has earned its icon status alongside the great classic cocktails of the world.

Legend has it that the cocktail was originally fashioned in 1919 when Count Camillo Negroni asked a local Florentine bartender to strengthen his Americano – traditionally vermouth, Campari and soda – with gin. In Italy, it is the classic way to open a meal, the bittersweet palate cleanser making way for the evening's delights. Yet, with its lovely orange twist, the Negroni has also gained popularity as an after-dinner digestif as much as an apéritif, too.

Whether you're a Negroni devotee or simply curious to try something new, Romberg’s mixologist Arthur Wynne has curated a Negroni menu to please every palate. Drop in for a pre or post-dinner tipple, or watch the sunset over Newcastle Harbour and settle in for the night, raising a glass to the iconic drink.

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