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Natasha Davui

About the artist

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Natasha Davui is a descendant of the Gunggari and Djabugay Aboriginal peoples.

The Gunggari people are from the Maranoa River region of South West Queensland and have historical links to the Aboriginal communities of Woorabinda and Cherbourg.

The Djabugay people's traditional homelands stretch across the Barron River region in Far North Queensland.

Natasha's artwork is inspired by the natural beauty of the tropical rainforest and reef environments around Cairns.


Reef to Rainforest and Beyond, 2019 
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Contemporary, celebratory and uniquely Cairns, Natasha’s work Reef to Rainforest and Beyond celebrates the vibrant colours, beauty and landscapes of Cairns.

From the underwater world of the reef at floor level, up across Cairns’ golden beaches, through the rich rainforest canopy reaching into the many colours of the sunset and the star-filled sky – a full moon motif rising again and again against a tropical-hued sky. Located at reception.

Reef to Rainforest, 2019 
Commercial dyes on cotton and Bailey X Mainie scarf 
Artist: Natasha Davui  Designer: Charmain Saunders

This painting shows the true essence of the Cairns natural surroundings, from the reef to the rainforest. The yellow circles represent the reef, the green represents the rainforest, the blue dots represent the sea and waterways in Cairns and the white dots represent the sand on the beaches. The people and the animals of the area need all these surroundings to survive, as they provide shelter, food and foundations of life and we cannot live with one without the other. 

Purple connections, 2018
Acrylic on canvas

Blue connections, 2018
Acrylic on canvas

Waterholes, 2018 
Acrylic on canvas 

Mountain tracks, 2018
Acrylic on canvas

Located at level 6

See Mainie Australia on level 7 for more Natasha Davui artwork