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Mindfully Safe Challenge

Five-Step Choose Yourself Challenge by The Indigo Project

Hello! We've partnered with The Indigo Project to offer all Crystalbrook guests a five-step mindfulness challenge as part of our Mindfully Safe initiative.

Welcome to your new challenge. 

Here are a few hints and tips for getting the best out of the challenge...

1. Carve out daily me-time

You’ve made a conscious choice to take on the challenge, which means that you’re aware that you may not be prioritising yourself. Awareness is a great tool. It helps us become clearer about our needs and what you probably need right now is to give yourself some daily you-time. We recommend 20 minutes each morning to help you settle into the day and complete your challenge. Maybe it’s a walk or a run, maybe it’s a creative activity or 20 minutes with your favourite tunes, maybe it’s a meditation - how you fill the time is up to you.

2. Journal

If you haven’t practised the habit of journaling in a while (or ever), now’s a good time to start. Journalling gives us the opportunity to quiet the voices in our head. By writing our thoughts down, no matter how silly, angry, sad or happy they are, we’re able to gain more clarity around what’s actually going on and if the stories we tell ourselves are actually helpful.

3. Have fun and be honest with yourself

This is your personal journey and challenge. No one needs to know about it if you don’t want them to. Be as honest and real with yourself as you’re comfortable with. Use this as a tool for reflection, not self-judgement and have fun along the way. We’re with you!

Step one: Gratitude
Step two: Habits
Step three: Values and priorities
Step four: Adding 'no' to your vocabulary 
Step five: Get dressed. We're going on a date