Mindfully Safe Challenge

Step five: Get dressed. We're going on a date

YOU MADE IT. Give yourself a personal applause and pat on the back because you deserve it.

Today, you are taking yourself out on a date. Yes, just you and your beautiful self. Get dressed, get fancy (or don’t, your choice), pick a place you’d like to go to, write yourself a little note, buy some flowers, look yourself in the mirror and tell that gorgeous soul: “I’m choosing to take you out.”

Your self-date can be as simple or as fancy as you like but it has to be something that would make your heart happy. Here are some ideas:

  • Pick up a book and spend the day at your
  • nearest park
  • Take yourself to the movies
  • Book a seat a fancy restaurant
  • Get a massage
  • Visit a market or place you’ve been
  • wanting to
  • Buy yourself something special
  • Enjoy a childhood treat
  • Have some ice cream!

You deserve this. It takes courage to choose ourselves, to put our needs before others, to quiet the voices in our head that tell us we’re not as important. This matters. You matter and we’re so glad you’ve been on this journey with us.


We wish you all the love and courage in the world. If you’d like to explore more ways to choose, love and support yourself, we’re always here.