Mindfully Safe Challenge

Step four: Adding 'no' to your vocabulary

You’re doing great and now it’s time to treat yourself with this task. It’s going to seem a little difficult or awkward when you try it the first time (like all first times) but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Your task is… Think about situations or times in your life when you find it difficult to choose yourself. It could be a good friend asking you out when you’re tired, giving too much of yourself to others, doing what someone else wants even though it doesn’t make you happy, constantly staying late at work for fear of being judged by your co-workers. There are plenty of situations and we’re sure you can think of a few. Write them down:

It’s hard to say no when...

OK, here’s the plot twist. The next time those situations arise and you know you need to choose yourself, try this magical, life-changing, self-loving word - “no.”

Saying no doesn’t make us cruel or mean, it may seem that way when we’re so used to pleasing others and putting them before us but YOU MATTER. So give this a shot. You can be honest about how you feel or let them know you just need some quiet time, rest time or a chilled night in. There are no rules on how to be a good friend, daughter or person - you get to choose.

Choose YO’SELF.