Mindfully Safe Challenge

Step one: Gratitude

Start today by writing down four things you’re grateful for about YOU. Try to move away from the physical aspects and shift towards your gifts, talents and personal qualities.

If you have trouble starting, think about a close friend and why you’re grateful for having them in your life. Now, apply that thinking to yourself.

Struggling? We’ll start with one: I am grateful for my resilience and ability to bounce back no matter how many times I fall. Over to you. 

Gratitude is a practice that helps us see our strengths and what we value about ourselves. This is incredibly important because when we are able to see the value in ourselves, we set the bar for how others value us too.

And science doesn’t lie - gratitude has been proven to make us feel happier by releasing dopamine and serotonin in our brain. It’s like a natural antidepressant.

P.S. Starting can often be the hardest part. Make yourself a warm cup of tea or treat yourself to something you enjoy. You deserve it.