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Eléme Spa Hacks At Home

All the time in the world...

Let’s talk about the beauty, wellness and good things we can do at home to make use of the extra time we've found ourselves with lately. 

Take a moment to think about why you love about coming to the spa – sure because the treatments and therapies make you feel amazing, but there are so many other little things that make the experience special.

The space is beautiful, it’s spacious, there are no harsh lights, it’s clean, uncluttered, quiet and it smells great. So, let's bring this into your At Home spa experience!

Perhaps you have an oil burner or a diffuser that you haven’t used in years, maybe you have dimmers on the lights in your house but rarely use them, or (like us) it's time to clean out the bathroom cupboard and unclutter the countertops, or now you finally have the time to learn how to use Spotify and get some music in your life again. 

Here are some ideas from our lovely therapists at Eléme Day Spa at Riley to pass the time and keep yourself looking and feeling fabulous. 

Soak it up

Bath time... the ultimate relaxation.   

Set the scene for yourself – your favourite tunes, some candles, a folded hand towel to rest your head upon, a cup of your favourite herbal tea (or a glass of bubbles!), some bath salts and you are set. 

Note from the Therapist: I always cleanse my face and pop on a face mask before jumping in. Keep a damp face cloth nearby so you can take the mask off without leaving the tub. When you get out, give your face a spritz before applying moisturiser and then moisturise your body with your favourite body oil or lotion.   

Tip: Make your own bath salts by mixing a little of your favourite body oil with some Epsom salts – place two large tablespoons of salt in a bowl and add the oil until you have the consistency of wet sand. Place half the mix in the bath and once you jump in, use the rest as an exfoliant on your arms and legs.     

Extremity care 

Grab a cuppa and spend some time giving yourself a mini mani or pedi. 

This can be as simple or indulgent as you wish – fill a tub and give your feet a good soak in some warm water while you get to work on your hands. 

Note from the Therapist: Shaping your nails doesn’t have to be fancy, I just follow the shape of the nail. Do your hands first then dry your feet and after buffing your heels, do your toes as well. Indulge in your favourite moisturiser and spend some time massaging it into your hands and feet. Push back your cuticles and trim if needed and then wipe each nail with some polish remover before using a clear coat or colour to finish. Perfect...   

Tip:  When filing always file in one direction to avoid damage to the free edge of the nail. Sawing back forth with the file can weaken the nail edge and could cause it to split. Buff across the top of the nail to even out ridges. 

Note from the Therapist: Nourish your cuticles and keep them moisturised in the same way you do the rest of your body. This is easily done after a shower by gently pushing back cuticles with an orange stick and applying some cuticle oil. I apply cuticle oil to my nails whenever I think of it during the day because ragged cuticles are one of my pet peeves!   

Tip: Spend some extra time rubbing the skin at the bottom of the nail as this is where the cells that form the nail plate are produced. 

Dry body brushing 

This little wonder takes just a couple of minutes and removes dead skin cells and improves skin tone and elasticity. This is best done before jumping in the bath or shower and finish with your favourite moisturiser. 

Note from the Therapist: I like to do this in the morning as it is quite stimulating both physically and mentally.   

Tip:  Start at the extremities and work toward the heart using quick flicks with the brush and a pressure that is comfortable, spend a little extra time in places you would like to see less of... 

DIY massage 

It's always better if you can get someone else to give you a massage (of course!), but if that isn’t an option, use a muscle balm on areas giving you grief and take time to do some stretching. Try this for a simple way to stretch out your back...

Lie face-up on the floor with your arms by your side. Bend your knees and place the feet on the floor. Slowly raise your hips, lifting your back off the floor one vertebrae at a time. Lower in the same way. Tilt the pelvis back and raise again. Repeat a couple of times until you really feel it. 

Tip: To get more of a stretch in the upper back, raise the arms above the head as you lift your hips and as you lower your hips, lift your upper back from the mat as you lower your arms back down.