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Talking clean beauty with Sodashi founder, Megan Larsen

Clean beauty has never been more topical, but it’s an area that Megan Larson has always been passionate about. As the founder of Australian skincare brand Sodashi, Megan has turned a small line of chemical-free beauty into an international brand found in some of the very best spas in the world.  

Proudly sustainable, Crystalbrook’s Eléme Day Spas use Sodashi products to cultivate a profound new level of wholeness, purity and radiance. 

We chatted to Megan about the importance of sustainability and the impact we have on the planet with our choice of beauty and skincare products.

Q: What inspired you to launch Sodashi, and how do you feel now that it’s a globally recognised brand? 

ML:  My passion for natural, clean and pure skincare inspired me to launch Sodashi 21 years ago.  I had spent many years trying to find the perfect natural skincare products for my own sensitive skin and struggled to find anything remotely effective in the natural, clean and pure skincare space. 

I also wanted to create a line of products, harnessing the brilliant effectiveness of essential oils, plant oils, herbs and clays that would be safe for therapists to use every day in face and body treatments. 

As for Sodashi’s global recognition – it really does fulfill my desire for natural and clean beauty become mainstream in the world. 

Q: ‘Eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical’ has been part of Sodashi since inception - why are these practices so important to you? 

ML: They’re important to me because it’s important for our world and our planet.  We all need to do our bit to limit chemicals and toxic waste, which reduces the negative impact we have on our planet. 

Q: Sodashi means 'wholeness, purity and radiance' in Sanskrit. How do you carry this through to the rest of your life? 

ML: Wholeness, purity and radiance in my life has always been a work in progress.  I like to cultivate love, grace and gratitude, intuition and creativity and resilience every day.  

I meditate daily – I practice Transcendental Meditation and have been doing this this for over 25 years.  It’s my own superpower that supports me every day, it helps me to have clarity and focus and is an excellent support through stressful times. I also follow the 80/20% rule of eating to ensure I am nourishing my body. 

Q: What makes Sodashi different from other natural or organic lines on the market? 

ML: I believe it is the pure love and intention that goes into crafting each Sodashi product. We have an holistic, artisanal approach toward beauty and a very unique manufacturing and formulation process. 

We believe in holding ourselves to very high standards when it comes to choosing ingredients and formulations. There is no compromise on the quality of our ingredients and we are completely transparent with the ingredients we use.   

What makes Sodashi products so effective is the unique synergy of essential oils. Using pure essential oils and botanical extracts in respectful doses works to harmonise and balance the skin.  

Q: What's your favourite Eléme Day Spa experience? 

ML: Curative Crystalus Body Treatment at Crystalbrook Byron. It’s a meditative massage to balance the mind, body and spirit with the use of ancient Australian healing stones and crystals. Harnessing the energetically grounding powers of Tiger Iron—consisting of layers of warmed Tigers Eye, Jasper and Hematite—the stones are massaged over the body to tune, focus and sharpen mental clarity whilst working deeply into the muscles to relieve physical tension.

Q: Why is it so important to use chemical-free products on your skin? 

ML: Because there are chemicals that can mimic the body’s hormones and are often referred to as endocrine disruptors.  Endocrine disruptors, which commonly occur in chemical cosmetics, cause a wide range of problems throughout our body.  They mess with our endocrine system which regulates our body’s essential rhythms (such as our metabolism, our emotions and mood, sleep, blood pressure and our reproductive processes).  

Natural skincare also serves us on a physical and emotional level. It is a total experience that works to nurture and balance the mind, body, spirit and emotions. 

Q: What’s your favourite product from your range?

ML: My favourite products are: 

Q: Any tips for home therapies? 

ML:  My favourite home therapy is to apply Sodashi Plant Essence Replenish Mask (amazing for nourishment and hydration) and take a long relaxing bath – with a few drops of the Sodashi Radiance Blend or some Oud Body Oil. 

Q: Which items do you always pack when you travel? 

ML: I pack all my skincare – I love taking care of my skin and I’ve always invested in my skincare routine my entire life.