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Soak It Up

Transform your bath into a decadent Eléme Day Spa experience in your own home with our detoxifying lavender bath salts which will help soothe skin and relieve tension

Take a moment to think about what you love about coming to our Eléme Day Spa. There are so many little elements that make the experience special, from the stellar treatment menu to the beautiful space, calming lighting and the great smells.   

Bath time - close the door, turn off the light and get ready for the ultimate relaxation. Set the scene for yourself by putting on some relaxing music, lighting candles and making a cup of your favourite herbal tea or pouring a glass of bubbles! Pour a nice warm bath and dissolve one cup of detoxifying lavender bath salt before soaking for at least 20-minutes.  

Looking for a little extra pampering? Put on your favourite face mask and keep a face towel close by so you don’t even need to leave the tub. 

What you'll need:

  • Four cups Epsom salts
  • One cup coarse pink Himalayan sea salt 
  • 70 drops lavender essential oil
  • Half cup dried lavender flowers (optional)
  • Air-tight jar for storage

What to do:

  1. In a large bowl combine Epson salt, pink Himalayan sea salt and lavender essential oil 
  2. Mix together before tossing through the lavender flowers. This isn't completely necessary, but the smell is brought to a whole new level and makes for a more calming experience 
  3. Pour the bath salt mix into an airtight jar for storage