Taste of the tropics
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Taste of the tropics

Eléme Spa full body treatment - from your head to your toes

90 mins - $139


Make your skin smile. We'll give you a facial tailored to your skin’s specific needs. Your skin will feel calm, balanced and hydrated.


Time for a soul-soothing massage. Your muscle tension has a target on its back. This operation is designed to focus on your favourite massage sweet spot or an area that seems to carry more tension. Choose one or two areas that your therapist can set their skills on, relieving muscular aches and pains and leave you feeling more relaxed.


Sit back and find your zen while your feet are treated to a soothing foot bath incorporating Himalayan salts, high in trace elements and minerals, to effectively reduce stress. Following that, a massage with the oils of arnica, lavender and peppermint will stimulate circulation while cooling and soothing your tired, aching feet.

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Valid until 29 February 2020. Available Mon - Fri. Subject to availability. 

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