Massage Therapy

Encouraging a deep feeling of calm and relaxation, massage assists in releasing muscular aches and pains, relieving stress and tension from the mind, body and soul.

Your massage journey is customised with our Eléme signature aromatherapy oils. Whether you want to relax, detoxify, relieve tension, or to simply be enlivened.

Autograph of Eléme

60 mins - $150 / 90 mins - $205

Using essential oil blends specially designed for Eléme Day Spa, this relaxation massage is in the ink of what we do best. Basking in the glory of this soul-soothing massage, designed to relieve the body of tension and restore energy flow, you will leave feeling like you’ve just taken a mini break from life.

Mumma and Co.

60 mins - $150

A peacefully relaxing and nurturing massage designed for mums-to-be, who’ve just passed their first trimester. This safe and extraordinarily delightful massage can help to reduce oedema and blood pressure relieving strain on the ankles, knees and back while increasing the blood and lymph flow. Lowering stress on the mind, body and soul, the end result - a relaxed mumma and a happy bubba!

Muscle Meltdown

60 mins - $150 / 90 mins - $205

Combining therapeutic benefits of essential oils and deep tissue massage techniques, your therapist will focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to help release muscle tension, relieving aches and pains. The aftermath ending in the ultimate muscle meltdown.

Curative Crystalus

90 mins - $225

A meditative massage to balance the mind, body and spirit with the use of ancient Australian healing stones and crystals. One of the most energetically grounding stones, Tiger Iron - layers of warmed Tigers Eye, Jasper and Hematite - is massaged over the body to increase vitality, focus and mental clarity whilst working deeply in the muscles to relieve physical tension.

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