Hello Handsome

For the physically strong masculine man you are and with a tailored modern methodology to men’s skincare and groom.

Forget the fluff and the florally scented aromas, we’ve created a range of treatments with just the strapping gentleman you are in mind.

The Baby Face Assassin

60 mins - $145

Designed to specifically treat men’s skin concerns, starting with a purifying Himalayan salt scrub to buff you back into good shape. Next comes a deep cleansing facial that balances the skin’s natural oils and assists in preventing ingrown hairs. Soothing mists with woody aromas de-sensitise the skin before ending with a relaxing facial massage to tone and firm facial muscles, leaving you feeling smooth as a baby’s...


45 mins - $95

Every man needs a tune-up. Your scheduled maintenance runs like this, nails and cuticles are tidied and groomed, an energising exfoliation will remove rough and dry skin before a massage will have you re-fuelled and back on the road, there’s nothing feminine about that.


45 mins - $95

Beginning with a revitalising foot soak and invigorating salt polish to balance your body’s energy before your feet are buffed back into shape and fit to take over the world. Nail and cuticle grooming get your feet ready before a foot and leg massage stimulates circulation, reduces swelling and soothes tired achy feet. No polish to finish here, well unless you really want to.

The Great Herculean

Body scrub - massage - facial therapy
150 mins - $325

God of strength and heroes, this treatment will have you ready to conquer the world. The adventure starts with an all-over invigorating scrub to remove your outer shell and allow the natural superhero within to shine. A massage to release tension and muscular aches and pains before a facial specifically designed to your skin will have you gain mastery over your mind, body and soul.

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