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Yoga Retreats in and around Byron Bay

Let's get it Om

Byron Bay offers a blissful location to practice yoga and has long been known as a mecca for yogis all around the world. The town has a wide selection of yoga studios and classes to suit everyone from curious day-trippers to weeklong holiday makers and long-term residents.

Create your own yoga retreat when you book Crystalbrook Byron’s Relax and Retreat package – a three-night immersive experience with daily yoga, forest bathing and in-suite guided meditations 

At Crystalbrook Byron, daily morning yoga classes are offered for all Resort guests. If you wish to extend your practice beyond the Resort’s complimentary offering, then read on.

Heat Yoga

Location: H8A Grevillea St, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Price: Casual sessions $25

For those that like it hot, Heat offers a range of yoga styles (from Bikram to Yin to Vinyasa flow) to support your journey into health and wellbeing. Classs are 60 and 90 minutes long and the instructors are warm and welcoming. We love the Vinyasa flow class choreographed to smooth yoga beats. The room is a warm 28-30 degrees to heat up the muscles safely, so you can move deeper into your body, promoting blood flow and allow you to sweat.

Creature Yoga

Location: Unit 6b, 11 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay
Price: $28 single class or $75 for a weekly pass

Founded, owned and led by Bess and Tahl, who share both a deep friendship and a love of the practice, Creature Yoga operates on the principles of yoga. The studio offers asana tutorials, chilled and restorative classes, guided meditations and pranayama practices. Creature Yoga is also a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete a verified training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).


Location: 8b/11 Banksia Dr, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Price: First Timer $49 for two classes of your choice

Located in the Industrial District, Hustl. Byron Bay combines progressive pilates with resistance based cardio and equipment based aesthetic circuit training in an efficient, effective and results focused class format. Yang (their version of yin yoga) is seamless mixture of mat pilates holds and full body flows. This class serves one intention - to release, stretch and let go. Focusing on relieving areas of discomfort and tension offering full body relaxation. Yang is a group instructed class and is suitable for all levels.


Location: Building c2/35/1 Porter St, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Price: Casual classes start from $25

Bende is a community for conscious movement, soulful living and high vibe connection. Sweat, tone and move how you like with the sculpting power of classes designed to be low-impact, high-results. From the power of Reformer Pilates to the smooth magic of barre, they have everything you need for total mind-body wellness in 45 minutes.

Ashtanga Yoga

Location: 11 Black Butt Place
Price: varies

For those looking to really up their yoga game, sign up for an Ashtanga Yoga class with experienced teachers Dena and Jack. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, the word “Ashtanga” means eight limbs. Get ready to work hard and sweat a lot. Classes at this quiet shala focus on a physical and flowing practice. Students are guided through 90 minutes of self-practice with technical oral instructions and hands-on support and guidance of a teacher.

Crystalbrook Byron

At Crystalbrook, we believe in Mindfully Safe stays. This means we have upped the ante on hygiene, as you would expect, but also, that we place an equal emphasis on travel-safe wellbeing for the mind. All suites are equipped with a complimentary yoga mat to ground you in your yoga, barre Pilates, Pilates and meditation practice. From the comfort of your suite, dive into our Mindfully Safe toolkit on the complimentary iPads. Developed in partnership with The Indigo Project, this is a magic box of feel-good, zen-inspiring, meditative goodness. Meditations include belly laughter, sleep, and body scans. Finish with a sound bath – a sonic experience for the mind.