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Powerful Habits: Practice Mindfulness In Your Morning Routine

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? Tired, groggy, or in dire of that morning coffee kick? If so, practising mindfulness could help. 

The morning routine you choose to implement really matters. Not only does it affect how long it takes for you to feel refreshed in the morning, but it also impacts your overall mood and how productive you are over the course of the day. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a routine that puts you in a good mindset from the get-go?

Well, practising mindfulness in the morning can help you do exactly that, boosting your focus from the moment you first open your eyes. But, if you still need convincing, read on below to discover five key reasons why mindfulness could be a powerful habit to introduce to your mornings. 

Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety & Stress

When you wake up, do you immediately start to stress over what tasks you need to do for the day? Or panic over getting your to-do list in order? 

If so, meditating in the morning could help improve your ability to recognise when these feelings of stress and anxiety first appear. This can then help you compartmentalise and manage your stress in a more constructive manner, allowing you to get on with your day in the right way. 

Meditating has also been shown in various studies to reduce the reactivity of the amygdala – a region of the brain associated with stress. So, if you often start your day rife with anxiety, implementing this as a short part of your morning routine could make a big difference

A Person With A Sunset In The Ocean

Mindfulness Improves Your Mental Health

Over recent years, there have been a ton of studies advocating the various mental health benefits that mindfulness can have on health and wellbeing – especially when tied into spending more time outdoors. 

Practising techniques like walking meditation or nature journaling in the morning, for instance, have been shown to significantly reduce neurological conditions like headaches and migraines, while also lowering blood pressure. 

As a result, these effects are then believed to lower the overall level of susceptibility to chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, as well as mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. 

At Crystalbrook Byron, their rainforest-immersed suites provides guests with a true sense of immersion in nature. With sustainable luxury as its core and rainforest views, this is the perfect spot for gathering your thoughts and writing them into your journal to help quiet the mind and find clarity.  

A Tree With A Mountain In The Background Crystalbrook Byron in Byron Bay

Mindfulness Boosts Your Mood

Practising mindfulness doesn’t have to be an all-day activity. In fact, research has shown that practising meditation for just ten minutes a day can make you feel significantly happier. 

Therefore, even if your morning routine is already full of tasks you simply can’t move, such as attending a morning meeting or taking the dog out, it really doesn’t have to take much time to make a big difference to your day. 

Plus, by implementing mindfulness sooner rather than later, the short term changes in mood you’ll start to feel could soon translate to the long term, helping improve your outlook on various other aspects of your life. 

Mindfulness Boosts Energy and Builds Focus 

Rather than relying on your morning coffee for that energy kick, did you know that practising mindfulness can actually have the same effect? 

At Crystalbrook Byron, resort guests have the opportunity to tap into the healing qualities of the rainforest with the ancient art of Forest Bathing. Achieve ultimate relaxation in these sessions and allow your body to absorb the feelgood chemicals being emitted from the trees that will positively impact the immune system. 

Thanks to the endorphins that mindfulness techniques like morning yoga workouts or meditation sessions (such as Forest Bathing) release in your brain, these super chemicals improve your emotional well-being while also acting as an energy booster. 

As a result, people who practise mindfulness in the morning are said to be significantly less reliant on caffeine and a lot more likely to stay focused on their work throughout the day. This can then make a significant difference in terms of productivity and morale, which can then translate to benefits both inside and outside of the workplace. 

A Person Walking Next To A TreeYoga at Crystalbrook Byron in Byron Bay

Mindfulness Improves Your Sleeping Pattern

While on the topic of anxiety, practising mindfulness in the morning can address feelings of self-doubt and help get your sleeping pattern back on track – a vital component to keeping as fit, healthy and mentally active as possible. 

When left to fester, feelings of stress and anxiety can quickly lead to insomnia and other sleep problems, preventing you from getting as much rest as you need. Over time, this can then have a drastic impact on your overall level of health and wellbeing, affecting not only your mood but your lifestyle as well. 

However, thanks to the positive impact of ASMR meditation on stress and anxiety, mindfulness techniques like this can help keep insomnia at bay, allowing you to feel relaxed and at ease while trying to reach the land of nod.

It’s time to start…

As the above points should now prove, practising mindfulness in the morning could make a big difference in your life. Simply taking ten minutes a day to practice meditation, breathing exercises, or performing a few yoga positions can be all you need to transform your day from underwhelming to incredible. So, why not give it a go? 

Crystalbrook Byron will help you find a whole new level of inner peace. Breathe in the fresh ocean air and enjoy the peaceful nature of the rainforest. During your stay with us, enjoy one of our 92 luxury suites with complimentary morning yoga and guided meditation package. For further advice on how to get started, or to discover which types of mindfulness wellbeing techniques are right for you, our Journal is full of wonderful tips and ideas to help you on your way. We also share some of our favourite places to visit, things to do, activities to experience and thoughts along the way. All you have to do is start.