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Five of Our Favourite Sustainable Living Blogs

We’ve curated an edit of our favourite sustainable blogs from women writers across Australia and beyond. So whether you’re just starting out on your eco-friendly journey or have been plastic-free for years, there’s plenty of inspiration around to keep you inspired.

I Quit Plastic from Plastic Free Mermaid

Byron Bay local Kate Nelson, aka Plastic Free Mermaid, is a "water woman magical mermaid yogi goddess" who has been disposable plastic free for 10 years. In addition to lobbying the government, speaking at schools around the world and founding a non-profit, Kate’s blog is full of useful and practical tips on ways to reduce plastic use.

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Melanin & Sustainable Style

Melanin & Sustainable Style (or MelaninASS) is a platform dedicated to sustainable development, social innovation and holistic living. Founded by Dominique Drakeford, this blog focuses on the intersection between the ethical and sustainable world and the experience of communities of colour, helping build up a more inclusive range of voices and viewpoints within the space.

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Down to Earth Mother

Jo Hegerty, a writer and mum-of-two living near Brisbane, contributes her work to some of Australia's leading magazines around sustainability, health, parenting, travel and more. Her blog is designed to "inspire, inform and motivate mums to make greener choices." She does this with the belief that mothers like herself are role models, making important choices every day that affect the health and happiness of their families.

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Every choice, every day will effect our planet and it’s future. Which is why, in addition to making gorgeous clothes in Byron Bay, the Spell brand chose to walk a little lighter in all that they do. By sharing their own sustainability journey via their blog, they hope to inspire others to become more passionate, conscious consumers, ready to drive change in the world.

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Eco Warrior Princess

Founder Sara Pull is a Sydney-based creative focused on making her mark one sustainable fashion step at a time. Working as a publicist and freelance writer, her passion is to support and share the stories of people exploring ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion and beauty industries.

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