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Vaccination requirements for hotels, restaurants, bars and spas


The Queensland government requires that from 17 December 2021, anyone aged 16 or over must be fully vaccinated (or have an exemption) to enter hospitality venues. This has been mandated to coincide with the re-opening of the state's borders.

Crystalbrook Collection’s Queensland restaurants and bars fall under this restriction.

Therefore, we will soon be required to sight proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status upon arrival at any of our premises. This can be:

  • Your COVID-19 digital certificate, which can be accessed through the Express Plus Medicare mobile app, or Check In QLD mobile app.
  • A printed version of your COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement (available through myGov)
  • For people with a medical exemption, your medical contraindication will need to be sighted.

From 17 December 2021, we are unable to admit anybody to our restaurants and bars who is:

  • COVID-19 unvaccinated
  • COVID-19 single-dose vaccinated
  • COVID-19 fully vaccinated without a vaccination certificate

Under Queensland law, unvaccinated people can stay in hotels for accommodation purposes, for work or leisure however are unable to enter any restaurants or bars at our hotels.

For more information, please visit the QLD Government website.

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