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Responsible Supplier Sustainability

At Crystalbrook Collection we are committed to the procurement of products and materials that do not compromise on quality yet protect and create a sustainable environment that enhances the guest experience. Our commitment is reinforced by collaborating and engaging with suppliers who adopt socially responsible business practices.
We enjoy modern living through attitude, design, technology and a passion for a better world – or what we call #ResponsibleLuxury. Because the little things make a big difference.

Responsible Procurement

Purchasing decisions have a significant impact environmentally and socially, particularly for tourism and hospitality sectors. Where possible we ensure we our suppliers are;

  • Committed to fair trade
  • Locally source produce form within a three hour radius
  • Committed to local suppliers
  • Clear with their recycling process
  • Is aware of their energy consumptions and minimise where possible
  • Provide sustainable products

Benefits of Responsible Procurement

Responsible procurement is ensuring that the sourcing of services and supplies that take into account ethical and sustainable considerations.

  • Minimising waste
  • Sustainable good procurement
  • Procurement of energy- efficient equipment
  • Sustainable alternatives to reduce single use items
  • Increase education and awareness among stakeholders
  • Engaging with suppliers to generate demand for more products and services
  • Using certification and consumer information tools to help procurers make sustainable choices

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