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Byron Bees

Our VIBee residents

With its 45-acres of subtropical rainforest, infinity pool and the sound of the Pacific Ocean in the distance, Crystalbrook Byron is a return to natural tranquillity. Nestled amongst the paperbarks at the resort live some VI-Bee residents - a few thousand, in fact.

Housed in their very own Flow Hives are four thriving honeybee colonies.

Hive-to-plate honey is on the menu

Our bees are always very busy, foraging up to 20 square kilometres and visiting over one million flowers for every half kilo of honey produced. These hives are carefully tended to by our resident beekeeper and harvested in spring and summer. The honey is used in the dishes and cocktails in our restaurant, Forest. This reflects Crystalbrook's #ResponsibleLuxury ethos and our commitment to offering local, organic, sustainable cuisine.

The honey is also featured in our Rainforest Gin, created in partnership with Byron Bay Spirits Co.

Throughout the year, Crystalbrook Byron is happy to provide educational honeybee tours for our guests* in an effort to celebrate these amazing insects.

A buzz-worthy lifestyle

Our bees enjoy the warm, coastal life, with a year-round supply of forage for nectar and pollen. The honey is reflection of the diversity of flowers found by the bees from in and around the Nothern Rivers with flavours of eucalyptus, tea tree, honey myrtle, Ironbark, Whitebox, Brushbox, Greybox, Stringybark, and even macadamia. Of course they’ve also been known to visit the neighbouring suburbs of Suffolk Park, Hayters Hill and Skinners Shoot.

Bees are one of the most effective pollinators on the planet and they are declining at high rates. European honeybees pollinate a third of our food crops, making a huge contribution to our food supply chain, our economy and the broader ecosystem.

The installation and maintenance of bee apiaries helps the environment by providing bees with a home to pollinate the surrounding gardens and native plants. Now that's a sweet gig.