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Wellness Tips For the New Year

Begin again with a Byron Bay wellness guide

Christmas decorating! Holiday parties! Gift shopping! Eating, drinking and being merry! It’s easy to start the new year feeling frazzled after the silly season, as we all raced to pack in as much socialising, sun, sea and last-minute projects as possible. 

At Crystalbrook Byron, we follow the town mantra of ‘Cheer up, slow down, chill out’.

We’ve pulled together seven tips to help you stay grounded and start your year with ease and intention. Namaste.

1. Connect with water

Water has long been cherished in healing ceremonies. As we move into the summer months, we can use water to provide balance and act as a neutralizing force that can return balance to our space. At Crystalbrook Byron, water is always nearby: flowing through the resort’s stream and into Tallow Creek, crashing in waves on the beach, a short five-minute walk from the property, and sparkling under the sun in our swimming pool. Of course, if you can’t make it to the resort, you can create your own zen water ritual with a long (candlelit) bath or even simply spritzing your face with a hydrating mist.

2. Calm your mind

Use the simple power of your breath to calm and still your mind. As you read this, release your jaw, let your tongue relax behind your teeth and take a few simple breaths. Doesn’t that feel good? Learn the essentials of meditation in the comfort of your own home (or resort suite) through our Mindfully Safe digital toolkit. Developed in partnership with The Indigo Project, this is a magic box of feel-good, zen-inspiring, meditative goodness.

3. Get grounded

Revive your mood simply by stepping out in nature. Ground your body and bring focus to your mind with the healing power of forest bathing. Science supports the idea, trees emit (phytoncides) increasing these feelgood chemicals show a long-lasting impact on people’s immune system. It’s an incredible way to step into absolute relaxation. At Crystalbrook Byron, resort guests are encouraged to explore the 45-acres of private rainforest at their own pace. We recommend at least an hour of wandering without a predefined destination in-mind, allowing your body and mind to go where they want.

4. Nourish your microbiome 

Adding a small serving of fermented foods to meals is a tasty way to enhance wellness, especially during periods when your diet is less than optimal. Forest’s Executive Chef Jordan Staniford has a simple and easy recipe for ‘Powerkraut’ – his take on sauerkraut. Full of gut-boosting bacteria and a dose of anti-inflammatory raw turmeric, this kraut should be a staple on your fridge. Bang it on your bread, toss it in salads or simply eat it by the spoonful.

5. Keep your skin sparkling

After one too many a glass of rosé (no judgement here!) or a few extra hours on the beach, your skin is probably ready for its own little vacay. Check yourself in to Eléme Day Spa for some deeply nourishing facial therapy. The purest, unadulterated, natural ingredients from Australia’s own Sodashi products are used throughout to deeply cleanse, nourish, hydrate and tone the skin, restoring elasticity and radiance. A quick tip from our Eléme Day Spa Manager: “if you know you’re going to have a late night or an early morning, pop a couple of teaspoons in the freezer. Hold them under your eyes for a few minutes to reduce puffiness.”

6. Stay warm

There's nothing more detoxing than the power of a good sweat sesh. Turn up the heat on your health with an infrared sauna session at Eléme Day Spa. Fitted with chromotherapy lighting and music therapy, this is invigorating, purifying and regenerative all at once. Healing benefits can include detoxification, enhanced skin healing and rejuvenation and enhanced quality sleep and melatonin production to name a few.

7. Relax and retreat

Of course, the ultimate in self-care is simply completely checking out (phone in airplane mode) on holiday. Escape to 45-acres of magical, subtropical rainforest with a three nights (because one is never enough) of unrelenting bliss on Crystalbrook Byron’s Relax and Retreat package. The package includes accommodation yoga, spa treatments, access to the traditional and infrared sauna and a few extra treats to help you unwind. You’re welcome.

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