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Using the whole fish

Waste to wonderful

Food waste is a major contributor to landfill and carbon emissions, worldwide. At Crystalbrook Kingsley, we are continually working to get creative with leftovers, and now we want to show you how you can be part of this movement too. 

The first two things to consider for sustainable use of fish: 

  • Aim for line caught where possible Did you know that net fishing leads to bycatch, where undesired fish and other sea creatures are caught in the nets as well? This bycatch is deemed unpopular or unsellable and then discarded as waste. When line fishing, fisherman can safely release the animals that aren't fit for eating. 
  • Use the whole fish This may seem obvious, but often people choose to cook with the more desirable parts of the fish without a second though to the left overs. If we can learn to use all parts, not only are we reducing waste, we are ensuring the life of the animal is respected and valued.

In episode one of Waste To Wonderful, we work through different parts of the fish, their taste profiles, and how you can turn each of them into something delicious. 

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