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A Look At Textile Inclusion

With Crystalbrook Albion's exclusive textile designer, Kerrie Brown

Lusting over Crystalbrook Albion's devastatingly alluring interiors? From the bespoke Art Deco-inspired bedhead to the range of unique upholstery in each room and public space, have you ever wondered 'how can I make this style work in my own home'? Well, we'll tell you (and by 'we', we mean Kerrie Brown, the woman behind Crystalbrook Albion's amazing textiles). 

Crystalbrook Albion's 35 rooms are designed with every last detail considered. As the exclusive textile designer, (working with Interior Architect, Space Control's Cressida Kennedy) Kerrie's brief was to design a range of upholstery textiles, indoor and outdoor cushions, blinds, curtains and wallpapers to work with the heritage-turned modern space, with a ’20s '70s mash-up in mind. 

Kerrie approached each room with an individual design, making sure each guests’ experience would be unique. Each room is intimate, genuinely original and refreshingly unpretentious, adding charisma and charm in the Kerrie Brown approach - too much pattern is never enough!

For Crystalbrook Albion, that means New York’s Velvet Underground meets Greta Garbo in a ’20s/'70s mix of melting paisleys, vintage foliage and peacock feathers, in a palette of dusty pinks and classic greens. Returning guests would experience the mystery and fun of what each room and suite offers. 

Bringing that little bit of Crystalbrook Albion luxury to your home

Start somewhere, anywhere. Think about what colour you like, what pattern? What inspires you - do you want a calm space, a creative space? 

Adding a little bit of boutique luxury to your bedroom, living space or your home starts with an idea you can build on. 

Perhaps it's a feature bed head like Crystalbrook Albion's custom-designed American walnut bed head with white linens. Then, spice it up with a special cushion or curtain, wallpaper or blind - it really can be as easy as that.

If you want something more dramatic, look no further than rock-and-roll curtains like those in Big Albion, our penthouse suite. These Vintage Paisley curtains with added wow colour are 4m high and make such a statement!


All textiles and wallpapers at Crystalbrook Albion were printed specifically for the hotel - a collaborative group of professionals with a passion for the planet and sustainable luxury ensured there was very little wastage.

For your own home, think about working with Australian small business owners who use sustainable products like printing with water-soluble inks that don’t pollute the environment and wallpapers that can be recycled. 

One of our favourite things about working with Kerrie is that she sources and provides exclusively environmentally-friendly textiles, only produces what is required by the client (no huge warehouse of stock) and is always looking for other ways to work consciously towards a better earth. 

The key takeaways?

Don’t be afraid!

Mix shades of colours, mix texture.

Start with one piece that makes your space feel special and you’ll then have a style to develop into something more.

Be brave and most of all have fun, no need to take it all too seriously.

About Kerrie Brown 

The Kerrie Brown signature style draws on Kerrie’s background as a celebrated set decorator, working on many international films including The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, Mission Impossible and The Quiet American with acclaimed directors and producers and she received an Academy Award® nomination for Babe.

Following on from her movie career, Kerrie moved back to Sydney where she set up her textile design business and studio. When renovating her own home, Kerrie could not find the products and designs she was looking for so she designed and made them!

Eight years later, she is now one of Australia’s most prominent boutique hotel and high-end residential textile and wallpaper designers. Check the stand out metallic wallpaper designs in the foyer and stairwell landings at Crystalbrook Albion.