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Big Love for Mother Earth

Cabin fever? We get it, dreams of exotic holidays (and exquisite hotels!) are a fanciful thing of the future for now.

All the same, there is a lot to be thankful for. Take a look out the window, give a thought to the wonder of our beautiful Mother Earth and how lucky we are to call her home.

We pulled up some fascinating facts* to ponder the afternoon away:

  • The amount of water on Earth is constant, meaning that, like energy, it is constantly being used, filtered, and recycled.
  • We cut down about 27,000 trees every single day to make toilet paper. That’s a lot of trees. Don’t hoard toilet paper.
  • Humans and elephants share one facial trait that no other animals have: chins (cool eh?).
  • 75% of every vehicle is recyclable.
  • Dolphins are shiny for a reason; they shed their top layer of skin every two hours or so.
  • The oldest trees in the world are 4,600 years old and grow in the Americas.
  • Butterflies can taste with their feet.
  • Aluminium can be recycled forever.
  • One hour of sun provides earth with enough solar energy to power the planet for a year.

Our busy lives will return. Enjoy our current abundance of time. Stay safe and keep well. #ResponsibleLuxury

Fascinating facts from Environmental Watch, Conserve Energy Future and The World Counts.