Make Your Own Terrarium

Crystalbrook Earth Kids

Spark your kids' creativity and show them how to care for their very own little garden (don't worry, it's super low maintenance!). 

What you’ll need:

  • Glass bowl 
  • Potting soil 
  • Small rocks
  • Assortment of indoor plants 
  • Decorations and toys (optional) e.g. old plastic toys like dinosaurs, birds, insects etc

What to do:

  1. Fill the bottom of your glass bowl with small pebbles (around 5-7cm high). This helps for proper drainage. 
  2. Add potting soil on top of the pebbles. Keep filling until the bowl is three quarters full. 
  3. Plant your assortment of indoor plants (two - three) leaving a small space at the front of the bowl for your decorations. 
  4. Add your decorations. 
  5. Place your terrarium in a sunny indoor spot and water when the soil becomes dry. Careful not to over water or saturate the soil with water. 

Source: CBC