Build Your Own Bee Hotel

Crystalbrook Earth Kids

Did you know that without bees, we wouldn’t be here…Crazy right? Sure the buzzing and stinging and potential allergic reactions are, well, annoying – but we really do need them. Why? Pollination. 

Bees are busy keeping our fruit and veggie crops alive – they’re the reason we have delicious things like apples, grapes, coffee beans, strawberries and watermelons (just to name a few).

Like us, bees are also facing an unprecedented crisis. In the past 60-odd years, they’ve lost so much of their natural habitat and they need our help to stay survive and keep us alive too.

A Close Up Of A Bench

What you’ll need:

  • Medium size can
  • Two rolls of toilet paper (empty)
  • Sheets of paper 
  • Gorilla glue (or other kid friendly glue)
  • Tape
  • Paint for the tin can (optional)

What to do:

  1. Paint the can - get creative with your colours and patterns (optional).
  2. Measure the length of your can and cut your paper so the length of the paper roll will fit inside the can. The band of paper should be about 10cm long (half the sheet of paper). The goal is to have a roll of five layers minimum. Roll the paper around a pencil to get it the right shape, then tape the edge of paper band to the roll to keep the diameter, remove the pencil. Create rolls of 0.5 to 1cm. You'll need about 30 rolls - depending on the size of your tin can and paper rolls. 
  3. Apply a thin layer of glue at the bottom of your can.
  4. Place your two toilet paper rolls where you wish inside the can then fill the empty space with your paper rolls. 
  5. Once done, shake your can slightly to make sure everything stays in place. Add more glue at the bottom or more paper rolls to keep things sturdy if needed. 
  6. Time to find a home. Your new bee hotel needs to be in an open, sunny spot not shaded by plants. Aim for 1-2 metres above the ground. The fixing must be secure (ask mum or dad for help with this). 

Now simply watch and wait!

Source: Pacific Beach Coalition.