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Eight Travel Apps You Can’t Live Without

If you’re only using your smartphone for Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp when travelling, you really aren’t taking advantage of its technological, timesaving and trip enhancing potential. There are a million and one different applications out there and a good chunk of them are travel apps.

Narrowing down the best travel apps that will make your life easier when exploring new continents far and wide is certainly not easy, but not a challenge we’re afraid to back down from! Here are our top picks for your tech hacks while adventuring.

WiFi Map

We are completely dependent on that invisible floating internet signal especially when we’re travelling, but nobody needs exorbitant data roaming charges that come with it (especially if you’re visiting from far away lands). Crowdsourcing done right, WiFi Map will help you find a WiFi hotspot wherever you are in the world.
Price: Free


If you want to keep active whilst travelling, often the problem is finding a gym and the expense of a one-off visit when you do find one. 7MWC (short for 7 Minute Workout Club) conveniently offers a range of workouts of varying length and intensity that you can do anywhere, anytime.
Cost: Free


The weather app that comes with iPhones is notoriously rubbish. AccuWeather, on the other hand, provides minute-by-minute hyper-localised forecasts and is right a lot more of the time.
Cost: Free

Google Trips

Everyone should have this app, because we’ve all ‘misplaced’ booking info at least 17 times in our disorganised lives. This handy ‘lil travel app scans your Gmail and other inboxes for flights, rentals, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and more, and then builds your itinerary for you.
Cost: Free

Pack Point

It’s basically your mum (without the awkward ‘I’m travelling with my mum’ convos’). Pack Point is an app that tells you what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather forecast at your destination and what you should plan on doing when there.
Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)


Companies like Uber have changed the taxi scene in favour of the user. They’re cheaper than traditional taxis and the app makes for easier bookings and more precise arrival times. Where necessary, it can also eliminate the language barrier and those awkward wild goose chase experiences (we’ve all had them).
Cost: Free

Cool Cousin

This app is a pocket-sized local guide to the city you’ve just arrived in. Cool Cousin has city maps and lists of what restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and sights to hit that are curated by interesting locals.
Cost: Free


You can now download your fave shows to your device, so you can Netflix and … travel.
Cost: Free for 30 days