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Instagram Like a #Boss in Tropical North Queensland

Let’s be honest. It’s not possible to visit Tropical North Queensland and come back with an empty photo file. With more good sides than a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Cairns and its surrounds will have you frothing with #nofilter excitement and your friends swooning with wanderlust. Move beyond the flat lay shot on your next Queensland adventure and pop these must-do shots into your Insta-feed, making your mates double-tap with Insta-envy.

Top 10 Essential Insta-worthy shots in Tropical North Queensland:

1. Cairns Esplanade @ Sunrise

Cairns sunrises are a spectacular sight worthy of your Instagram feed, with skies filled with pastel hues that create a breath-taking start to the day. The Esplanade Boardwalk comes alive with the soft glow of dawn, offering the perfect spot to grab a coffee, take a snap and soak up the early morning magic in Cairns.

Sunrise Cairns EsplanadeImage Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland / Andrew Watson

2. Millaa Millaa Falls

Fancy flicking your hair back like the Herbal Essences ad? This is the spot. Nestled in the lush rainforest of the Atherton Tablelands, Millaa Millaa Falls is among the most photographed waterfalls in the region, offering the ultimate backdrop for your Instagram hair-flip moment.  

Millaa Millaa FallsImage Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

3. The Great Barrier Reef from Above

Nothing says 'living it large' like a chopper ride over the Great Barrier Reef to your own private sand cay. Leave your followers in awe as you soar above one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders.

Great Barrier Reef HelicopterImage Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

4. The Great Barrier Reef from Below

Under the sea, where we'd rather be. Dive into the underwater paradise of the Great Barrier Reef, where vibrant marine life and stunning coral formations await. Your feed will never look better.

5. Palm Cove Skyline

What says ‘living my best life’ more than a palm-lined beach? Check out the beauties along the aptly-named Palm Cove coastline and welcome your followers to #paradise.

6. Snorkelling with Sea Turtles in Cairns

Get up close and personal with Crush. Riding the EAC, duuuuuuuude. The islands surrounding Cairns are some of the best spots in the world to see marine turtles in their natural habitat, so give your followers the turtle content they’ve been waiting for. 

Sea Turtles CairnsImage Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

7. Love in Cape Tribulation

The heart of Cape Tribulation is an icon in the Daintree that can be found just as you reach Cape Tribulation Beach near Cape Trib Beach House. Capture the ultimate Insta-snap of the world's oldest rainforest colliding with the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.

Cape Tribulation rainforestImage Credit: : Tourism & Events Queensland

8. Hot Dogs or Fins?

Must be done. It's a tough distinction - we get it.

9. Port Douglas Dreaming

Although unexpected to highlight sunsets in the east, Rex Smeal Park in Port Douglas has them in spades. Watch the sky turn pink, red, orange and purple hues from this iconic Tropical North Queensland picnic spot.

10. Sunset Cocktails in Cairns

Nothing says 'I'm on holiday' more than sundowners with the Coral Sea as your backdrop. Whether you are slinging cocktails at a rooftop bar in Cairns or enjoying a sunset cruise - Tropical North Queensland has you covered.

Top image courtesy of Tourism Tropical North Queensland