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Quenching Thirst Like A Queenslander

Ahhhhhh, Queensland. The land of polar bears and lots of Xs. Well, four of them, to be exact. It gets a bit warm here in the Tropics, and what better way to quench your thirst than to explore what the good North gave ya?

It’s alright though – we’ve done the hard yards through schooners and beer bottles, mango wines and Australian botanical spirits so you know where the best spots are to quench that thirst.

You’re welcome.

Hemingways Brewery FNQ

Legend has it, the Marlin fishing was pretty spectacular the day two mates moored in and got gee’d up to chat about the one that got away when they noticed a distinct lack of places to kick back and enjoy a good craft beer. Solution? They built their own. Enter, Hemingways Brewery at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal and the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, Port Douglas.

Situated smack bang on two marinas in iconic locations, Hemingway’s is a perfect spot to kick back for a holiday brew. And with a brew-menu full of their own creations, there’s plenty in the range to tickle the taste buds of the avid beer connoisseur, the brew-newbie and everyone in between.

Hemingway's Brewery Cairns Wharf Image Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland 

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Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, 44 Wharf St, Port Douglas
4 Wharf St, Cairns

Mt Uncle Distillery

Calling all spirit lovers, this one is for you. Mt Uncle Distillery, located at the foothills of a banana plantation in Walkamin outside Mareeba, is a mecca for locally distilled and award-winning spirits. Recently picking up a thousand gongs for Best Whiskey, Best Gin and Best Vodka at a number of international spirit competitions, Mt Uncle Distillery is well worth the visit for liquor aficionados wanting to add that fun fact to their brag book.

Their flagship spirit, Botanic Australis Gin, packs a peppery punch. Following an original dry gin recipe and adding secret native botanicals including the bunya nut sets this gin apart from so many others. The Bushfire Smoked and Navy Strength Gins are also guaranteed to put a little hair on yer chest (or at least make you invest in a good bathtub to replicate it yourself). Gin make you sin? There’s also vodka, rum, whiskey and a liqueur called Sexy Cat well worth sampling.

Mt Uncle DistilleryImage Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland 

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1819 Chewko Rd, Walkamin

McCallister Brewing Company

What do you get when you mix a high school chemistry teacher and a love of beer? Although it sounds a bit ‘Breaking Bad’, this teacher has used his powers for good and brought his love of fresh, unpasteurised, unfiltered, preservative-free brews to Cairns. Did we mention it overlooks sugarcane fields and Daintree mountain ranges? Seriously. You don’t get any more Tropical Queenslander than that (unless we told you he brewed them in his thongs in the back of a ute whilst wrestling a croc).

Oh, and the beer is bonza, mate.

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6 Danbulan St, Smithfield

Scoo Brew Kombucha

We know, we know… all the cool kids are into it these days. Gone are the days of casks behind the bike shed, the wild ones today are drinking a different type of naturally fermented fruit juice to get their kicks. If you prefer your good times to be alcohol-free, then jump aboard the kombucha train (if you’re not there already). Well known to have many health benefits including assistance with immunity and digestion, weight management and a mood-stabilizer, kombucha is packed with probiotics (good for gut health) as well as essential B vitamins and organic acid. Oh, and it has bubbles and tastes really good.

Get some locally produced ScooBrew into you fresh from Rusty’s Markets -their most popular blend is the Lemon and Ginger brew, and depending on what local produce is available, other flavours include Watermelon and Lime, Dragonfruit and the wildly delicious Carrot and Turmeric.

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Rusty's Markets, 57-89 Grafton St

Golden Drop Winery

When in the tropics, eat like a local. If you’ve not experienced the wonders that mango madness season brings, you are missing out, friend! Mango ice cream, dried mango, chocolate dipped frozen mango, and best of all, mango wine. Located just outside Mareeba, Golden Drop Winery turns this magical fruit into a magical drink - still and sparkling white wines with extremely delicate fruity flavours produced from the sweet flesh of the Kensington Red mango. Summer has spoken.

A Man Standing Next To Golden Drop WineryImage Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland 

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227 Bilwon Rd, Biboohra

Top image courtesy of Hemingways Brewery