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Lighten The Mood of Your Home With Flowers

Top five tips from Poho Flowers director, Ed West

Who doesn't love flowers? Seriously, they just make us so so happy. 

We connected with Crystalbrook Albion's florist, Poho Flowers, this week to find out how we can use flowers and floral arrangements within our homes to bring light and happiness into our environment. Poho's Director, Ed West, gave us his top five tips to share with you...


We’ve seen a surge in the number of people buying flowers ‘just because’ and to brighten up their homes during their home (and WFH) time.

We’re encouraging people to be adventurous and explore lesser know varieties they may not be familiar with, some of the forgotten blooms such as zinnias, chrysanthemums and banksias.


The growing popularity of everlasting and dried/preserved elements presents an opportunity to combine something that will truly be everlasting with something fresh and fun that can be interchanged as we see things flow in from the markets.


Shop local! The last few years has forced us all to look closer to home for our usual supplies, having gone through a devastating drought, bushfires and then a pandemic our farmers and growers need us now more than ever.

Be mindful of where your flowers come from, their footprint but also where the dollars flow, let’s all try and support each other, local business and industry.


Rethink your vase collection, if you haven’t already throw out all the fishbowls from Grandma and have a chat to your local florist about what vases are most versatile and suitable for the flowers you love.

Try and include an elegant bud vase, low cylinder, tall cylinder and then maybe branch out into some coloured glass or something textured. We are loving anything in amber, marble or rich burgundy/red tones


Start with a vase arrangement, customers are always in awe of the magic of floristry. Why not give it a go at home, the best starting point is a vase arrangement.

Begin with your vase, then layer your foliage and then from there add in the larger focal blooms followed by any secondary blooms or cute pops you might like as a point of difference.