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Explore Byron Bay's Indigenous Heritage

Connect with Nature, Country and Culture

Byron Bay offers much more than just traversing the Lighthouse track, celebrity sightings and daily yoga classes (as much as we love all these activities – hi Chris!)

Connecting with Country, the land, and its rich cultural heritage is a profound experience that goes beyond the usual tourist to-do list. Discover the essence of Arakwal Bundjalung heritage and the natural wonders of Byron Bay through captivating walking tours led by Aunty Delta Kay and Explore Byron Bay.

Immerse yourself in Dreaming stories, uncover the cultural significance of each site, and learn about bush tucker, natural medicine, and local history. With Delta as your guide, experience a transformative journey that fosters connection, understanding, and preservation of this remarkable region.

By actively participating in these walking tours and learning about the significance of the places visited, visitors become custodians of knowledge and advocates for conservation. Understanding the interconnectedness of the land, its inhabitants, and the local community instils a sense of responsibility to preserve and protect these sacred sites for future generations.

As a proud custodian of Arakwal Bundjalung heritage (the Country you will be on), Aunty Delta Kay is dedicated to fostering genuine partnerships with the local community, fostering awareness, understanding, and mutual respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal individuals.

Inspired by the desire to bring about positive and transformative change through storytelling, Delta will accompany you on these exclusive small-group tours at Cape Byron or Broken Head, sharing the land's significance and local history while immersing you in the lush beauty of the surroundings.

During the guided two-hour walks through some of Byron Bay's most awe-inspiring landscapes, you'll have the opportunity to learn snippets of the Bundjalung language. Moreover, you'll discover the secrets behind bush tucker (traditional food), natural medicine, tools, weapons, and artifacts.

By reconnecting with nature through these tours, you'll carry lifelong memories and stories that can be passed down through generations, contributing to the much-needed bridging of cultural gaps.

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Cape Byron Walking Tour

Cape Byron Walking Tour

Embark on this tour and enjoy an easy stroll while learning about significant places, local history, and traditional stories. Highlights include the tale of Nguthungalli (Julian Rocks) and insights into Walgun (Cape Byron) and its ancient thousand-year-old midden. Throughout the tour, you'll also get the chance to learn some Bundjalung language and discover the wonders of bush food, natural medicine, tools, weapons, and artifacts. The tour culminates with a delightful tasting of delicious bush tucker foods, accompanied by a cup of refreshing bush tea and a biscuit.

As the easternmost part of the Australian mainland, Walgun (Cape Byron) plays a crucial role in many Dreaming stories and holds deep significance as a site for ceremonies, learning, and spiritual inspiration.

On this tour, you'll embark on a moderate 1.5 km (2-hour) round-trip walk, immersing yourself in significant places, local history, and traditional narratives. Along the way, keep an eye out for abundant wildlife, including dolphins, wallabies, and Fairy Wrens, amidst the coastal rainforest, crashing waves, and rocky cliffs.

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Exploring Byron Bay with Aunty Delta Kay

Broken Head Tours

Join this tour for a moderate 1.6 km round-trip walk, where you'll explore significant places, delve into local history, and listen to captivating traditional stories. Highlights encompass the legend of The Three Sisters and the captivating tale of 'King' Bobby and the Bray family. The tour offers insights into the unique biodiversity of the area and provides opportunities to spot an array of wildlife, such as Wajung the dolphin and Miwing the sea eagle.

From the coastal rainforest to the crashing waves and rocky coves, the vistas along this walk are truly remarkable. Concluding the tour, you'll savour the flavours of delicious bush tucker foods, accompanied by a cup of revitalizing bush tea and a biscuit. We highly recommend wearing appropriate shoes and bringing a water bottle, hat, and sunscreen.

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Bangalow Bush Tucker

Bangalow Bush Tucker Tour

Join Delta Kay on a journey along the magical Byron Creek, nestled within the Bangalow Parklands. This area, once used for grazing, has been restored through the collaborative efforts of the Anglican church and the Bangalow Land and Rivercare Group, who have reintroduced hundreds of native plant species that hold great importance to the Bundjalung people.

During the tour, Delta will introduce you to a variety of edible bush tucker plants, as well as plants used for natural medicine, jewellery, fibre, tools, and weapons. She will share stories of local indigenous history passed down from her ancestors.

This tour also provides opportunities to learn some Bundjalung language, and if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Binging the river turtle or Junbung the platypus.

The Aboriginal walking tours led by Delta Kay offer an enriching and immersive experience that goes beyond ordinary tourism. By exploring Byron Bay through the lens of Arakwal Bundjalung culture and heritage, visitors have the opportunity to forge a deep connection with the land, its stories, and its people. These tours not only provide a glimpse into the past but also inspire a greater appreciation for the present and a commitment to preserving this magical destination for future generations.