Spa, Drink and Dine Around

Then charge it all back to your room

As a guest of a Crystalbrook Collection hotel or resort in Cairns, you get to enjoy more than just the hotel you booked. 

With two five-star hotels and resorts, four restaurants and bars and Eléme Day Spa, all within just 500m (a five-minute walk!) of each other, we want you to experience them all! 

Dine around at any of our restaurants in Cairns or go full holiday mode with 15% off at Eléme Spa (located at Riley), then charge it all back to your room. 

Go on, enjoy all that we have to offer!

A Room Filled With Furniture And Vase On A Table A Table With A Red Umbrella 
A Plate Of Food On A Table  A Table Topped With Different Types Of Food A Sign Above A Store

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