Create Cocktail Perfection With Granddad Jack's
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Creating Cocktail Perfection With Granddad Jack's

Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery is the Gold Coast's first and only craft gin, vodka, whiskey, and liqueur distillery, who have proudly won over 70 international and national prestigious awards for spirits and distillery bars since opening in August 2018.

Partnering with Granddad Jack's, Crystalbrook Vincent has curated the ultimate in-room cocktail experience (shaken, not stirred of course). Complete with a shaker, jigger, garnishes, and ice bucket, have your very own deluxe cocktail-making set delivered to your room, where you can make the most of your mini bar to create maxi deliciousness. Simply add it to your reservation when making a booking or order through your in-room tablet.

To get you started, we've created two easy-to-follow recipes to ensure the perfect pour.   

A Hand Pouring A Glass Of Alcohol

 Granddad Jack's Espresso Martini

Granddad Jack's Espresso Martini

Step 1: Pour 100ml Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur into your shaker – if you're thinking how to measure that amount, it is two shots of the big side of your jigger plus one shot of the small side (if you want to add a little more, we won't hold it against you). 

Step 2: Fill your shaker with ice and shake it up until it feels like your arms are about to fall off. 

Step 3: Pour into your magnificent martini glass and garnish with 3 coffee beans – representing health, wealth and happiness.

Step 4: The best part – partake in indulgent sips of your creation.

A Bottle Of Perfume

Granddad Jack's Green House Gin and Tonic

Granddad Jack's Gin and Tonic 

Step 1: Fill you glass with ice, leaving enough room for your gin and tonic. 

Step 2: Pour one shot of Granddad Jack's Green House Gin from the big side of your jigger straight into your glass (however feel free to pour as much or as little to your taste).

Step 3: Top your glass with Long Rays Original Tonic Water.

Step 4: Garnish with your dehydrated lime wheel (because you can).

Step 5:  Sit back, relax and enjoy your cocktail.

Make a night of it 

Ready to try Crystalbrook Vincent's in-room Granddad Jack's cocktail experience? Reserve your Crystalbrook Vincent Urban Escape for a limited time, including accommodation, breakfast in Mews restaurant, complimentary parking and 12pm late checkout. 

If you would like to take a piece of Granddad Jack's home with you, visit their online shop any time.