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Meet Executive Chef Joachim Borenius

Joachim Borenius is the Executive Chef for Crystalbrook Byron and drives the culinary direction of Forest Byron and the events and meetings. 

With a culinary journey spanning across renowned international and Sydney-based restaurants, including Mjolner, The Fat Duck, Per Se, Marque, and Pei Modern, Head Chef Joachim Borenius brings a wealth of experience and a dash of Scandinavian heritage to the kitchen of Forest Byron Bay.

Joachim's culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in his Scandinavian heritage, where seasons dictate the rhythm of life, and resourcefulness is a way of life. This ethos aligns seamlessly with the unique setting and concept of Forest Byron Bay, as he endeavours to create a dining experience that celebrates the bountiful larder of the Northern Rivers.

With an emphasis on sourcing ingredients within a three-hour drive, Joachim builds strong relationships with local suppliers through weekly visits to the Byron farmers' markets. This ensures that only the freshest and highest quality ingredients find their way onto Forest's menu, reflecting the vibrant flavours of the region.

Joachim's culinary creations strike a delicate balance between honouring local flavours and preferences while pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a diverse and innovative culinary offering, he ensures that there's something special for every palate, blending comfort with adventure in each dish.

Mindful of the environmental impact of the restaurant industry, Joachim takes steps to minimize Forest Byron Bay's footprint. From sourcing local and sustainable ingredients to implementing Earth Check practices, he remains committed to promoting sustainability in every aspect of the restaurant's operations. Looking ahead, Joachim sees endless possibilities for Forest Byron Bay's culinary offerings. With a commitment to exploring the venue's full potential, he envisions an ever-evolving dining experience that captivates guests and celebrates the region's rich culinary heritage.

Joachim's new menus will launch in April 2024.