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Go Off The Grid

Operating our Lodge in the remoteness of Tropical North Queensland, three hours in-land from Cairns and very much off the main grid, alternative water and power solutions are a must.

Crystalbrook Lake, built in the early 1960s to supply water to nearby tin mines on Crystalbrook Station, is one of the biggest water sources and man-made dams on private property in the area.

The Lake is fed by seasonal rains and has established itself as an oasis in the middle of the Far North Queensland outback. Attracting a large array of birds and other wildlife – over 100 species – Crystalbrook Lake supplies water to both the Lodge and cattle station.

Water from the Lake is pumped into a 22,000 litre tank, where larger dirt particles can settle before it is pumped through three filters and UV light to guarantee excellent drinking water quality – no added chemicals, of course. Waste water runs into two septic systems, which let grey water run into a large trench system, keeping our gardens lush and green.

Our Lodge also uses the water from the Lake for power production. Water is gravity fed through a 12 inch pipe in to the generator. The water, which runs through the hydro system, creates a rainforest-like environment on the other side of the dam wall. The creek runs for several kilometre providing water to the cattle on the property.

In addition to the hydro system, 48 solar panels contribute to approximately 80% of the power generated at the Lodge – powering our electric pontoon boat, which we use to take guests on boat cruises on the Lake.

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