Offering a variety of massage options from remedial to relaxation, let our therapists release tension and take you to a place of total relaxation.

Combination Massage - Connective Tissue Therapy 

60 mins - $170 / 90 mins - $220

A full-body combination style sensory experience. The therapist’s contact is generally broad, slow, and intentional. The approach is intense but not painful; allowing your body to relax at a deeper level.

Choose your desired scent of *Combination Infusion Oil #alchemyintheraw, blend of tissue salts, plant flower essences, essential oils and carrier oils.

Hawaiian Healing Massage - Dynamic and Deeply Nurturing

120 mins - $315

An exquisite combination of Kahuna and Lomi Lomi massage for 90 minutes incorporating hot stones, followed by 30-minute body scrub. Aimed to release tension, stretch and energise the body.

Kahuna Massage - Energetic and Relaxing

90 mins - $225

Follow your bliss and experience the transformative power of touch with this unique Hawaiian massage journey.

Pregnancy Massage - Gentle Nurturing

60 mins - $165 / 90 mins - $215

A relaxing treatment using oil blends aimed at enhancing cell regeneration and circulation. Suitable after first trimester.

Relaxation Massage - Calming and Soothing

60 mins - $160 / 90 mins - $210

A full body massage integrating Swedish and Eastern traditions for a deep sense of overall calm.

Therapeutic Massage - Healing and Repair

60 mins - $175 / 90 mins - $225

Designed to assist with healing. Therapist can incorporate Remedial style, Deep Tissue and other beneficial massage techniques to target your specific needs.

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