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Experience something truly unique at Byron's spa

Forest mindfulness, the ancient art of Forest Bathing. The Japanese call it Shinrin yoku. Our indigenous call it Dadirri.

This experience is about immersing yourself in the rain forest and tapping into its healing qualities. It is about actively listening while gently moving through the forest.

You will be guided, quietly walking, with a mind intent on the sounds, scents, colours and “feel” of the forest.

Science supports the idea, trees emit (phytoncides) increasing these feelgood chemicals show a long-lasting impact on people’s immune system. It’s an incredible way to step into absolute relaxation.

We offer this experience exclusively at Byron in conjunction with the Spa treatment The Temple of the Heart.

The key to great skin?

Inner Health is becoming a vital element in all things skincare and wellness.

The radiance of our energy, skin and positivity in our personality is a direct reflection of what we put on and in our bodies. The Edible beauty product range epitomizes purity, luxury and quality for the longevity of the skin, body and mind.

So has the key to natural beauty been the simple phrase ‘you are what you eat’?

Eco-friendly yoga mats

Modern-day yoga mats are made from harmful chemicals which go directly into landfill and contribute to the destruction of Mother Nature.

Live Whole Yoga mats are 100% chemical-free innovation that is biodegradable, fair-trade, and sustainable & made from organic resources.

They can even be planted in the garden at the end of its life cycle as they are compostable – how cool!

We can tell you first hand that they are gorgeous and you have to come try them at The Byron at Byron in our morning Yoga sessions and experience the beauty and feel of eco-friendly mats for yourself!

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